What happens when you’re told there’s 12 years left and it’s the 11th hour?

mask youth on a black background frame the white text in the center "climate change by the numbers"

Climate change By the Numbers

21.5 million

the average number of people per year forced to move due to extreme weather events


degrees warmer on Earth in 2022 above the 20th-century average of 54.9°C

1.5 °C

target is the goal of the Paris Agreement, which calls for countries to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 


What does “12 years to Act on Climate Change” really mean now?

Poster Design: Sophie Dean, in collaboration with Kristina Watt

[Two images. First Image Description: a section of the poster for “12” — a drawing in black & white with green, anime-style faces of youth, looking up at each other; a tree trunk vine moves between them. A lightbulb is at the center top of the page. Second Image Description: black background with six masked youths standing in a line on either side looking to the center text.]


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