their voices, OFF STAGE & ON

If a professional theatre project aims to give voice to youth regarding the future of the planet, shouldn’t the project involve their input in all areas of the production, not just as performers?

12 is professional theatre for adults that is by necessity performed & co created with youth. In addition, the project includes photographer Catherine Robson, age 15, capturing images during the rehearsal & development process, as well as performances. Not only that, we are so fortunate to have 13 year old Sketch Artist Jennifer Robson at every rehearsal, creating their interpretation of moments & scenes & characters through their visual art.

[Image Descriptions, Left to Right: 1. A black camera with a screen that shows a young photographer taking photos during rehearsal; 2. A sketch artist wearing a colorful mask, headphones around their neck and a dark grey hoodie holds up their black & white sketch of a scene in 12; 3. A photographer’s in a green hoodie holds a camera and within the camera is her sister sketching rehearsal for 12]

2 thoughts on “their voices, OFF STAGE & ON

  1. Hi Fran! Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, for the November performances of “12”, they won’t be livestreamed. But hopefully, pending getting some funding, I can make that happen ahead!


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