Carmelle & Jo-Anne, ASL interpretation artists, join the process

Jo-Anne and Carmelle in Rehearsal Nov 6 (Photo Brigitte Pellerin) [Image Description: Two women sit side by side; one wears a purple hat, a multi coloured mask, and a light blue sweater over a white striped top. Her hands are clasped. The other wears a black mask and a brown sweater with a tan scarf. She makes notes. They watch rehearsal]

On Nov 6th, Jo-Anne and Carmelle joined the 12 team in rehearsal, discovering through their expertise how to communicate the show through ASL (American Sign Language). Observing their process was immensely inspiring to the cast, as Jo-Anne and Carmelle linked both the visual action on stage with the words spoken in a script. 100 Watt will offer two of the 5 shows at the Children’s Festival with ASL Interpretation. However, the long term goal and “norm” should be all shows.

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