100 Watt Youth Ensemble are Resident Artists at the GCTC 2022-23!

From September to May, twelve young artists ages 14 – 18 of the Ottawa-Gatineau area are Resident Artists at the GCTC: they will contribute to the season ahead, train & develop in theatre skills, and rehearse their own project (12) for performances on the GCTC stage in May 2023. These 100 Watt “Agents of Action” (as I call them) will be fierce ambassadors for theatre as a means of questioning possibilities, provoking empathy as a tool for hope, and inviting cross-generational collaboration. Speaking as their lucky leader, I am so very happy for them and grateful to the GCTC for this partnership. –Kristina Watt Villegas

Poster art by Sophie Dean, 100 Watt Youth Ensemble member

[Image description: In the middle, black text over white background reads “12”. There is a collage with anime-style drawings of youth interacting]

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