International Theatre Publication Interviews 100 Watt!

“I consciously create a space where they [actors] are absolutely fascinated by each other.

“Innocence doesn’t necessarily mean an age; it’s a quality, an approach, a vulnerability, a humour.”

“I’m infiltrating Canadian spaces with the courage to disagree and to question constant conformity for the sake of comfort where there obviously isn’t comfort.”

“…a safe space isn’t a space where everyone agrees. That’s an unsafe space. A safe space is when there’s permission to disagree.”

To read the whole article:

[Image Description: TEXT “Climate Crisis Theatre by Youth for Adults: Interview with Kristina Watt Villegas” “Critical Stages/Scenes Critiques”. Image: a collage of 3 photos set in a rehearsal studio with a black background, tables and an open floor space. 11 youth rehearse, directed by Kristina Watt, and observed by others such as Kevin Matthew Wong]

2 thoughts on “International Theatre Publication Interviews 100 Watt!

  1. Wonderful interview about an important project. It really gives important insights into the work and the way that the dialogue in your rehearsal room informs the piece at every step of the way. It’s an entirely different way of approaching theatre and I am excited to think about the ways that the participants will continue to enfold this experience into their lives.

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