a chat with anna

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Anna. I play Character #5 and Marinel Ubaldo. I’m in grade 12 and I live in Ottawa.

Q: What does being in 12 mean to you?

It’s a chance for me to create and inspire social change through art.

Q: What’s your favourite part of the natural world?

Probably stars because they make me feel alone in the world and sometimes that’s comforting.

Q: What’s a specific Climate Change concern for you?

That the majority of our world’s climate literature is written entirely in English, making it inaccessible to approximately half of the global population.

Q: When the audience leaves 12, you hope they will …

Realize that they weren’t just spectators of another play, but that this is all very real.

Stop making excuses.

Q: Do you have a hobby?

I really like writing, singing, and watching movies.

Q: What’s your favourite word?



[Image Description: a youth with long brown/blond hair, green eyes and wearing a grey top. She smiles at the camera. She is outside, in front of a tree.]

Photo: Brigitte Pellerin


Only 5 weeks left until 12 at the GCTC! This week we introduce Anna, playing Character 5, and hint at moments in the show. Get tickets to 12 here: https://www.gctc.ca/shows/12 [Video Description]: A youth with long brown hair sits in a white room.

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5 weeks to 12!