a chat with drea

two women read scripts in a rehearsal studio; each wear masks and sit at a white table
SM (Drea) and Director (Kristina) at work together [Image Description: two women read scripts; each wear masks and sit at a white table]; (Photo Catherine Robson)
a white long table with books, a lap top, water bottle and other necessities; at the table, two women work and take notes
Production Table with ASM (Angelica) and SM (Drea) [Image Description: a white long table with books, a lap top, water bottle and other necessities; at the table, two women work and take notes]; (Photo Catherine Robson)

Q: Hi! Can you introduce yourself to us, Drea?

Hi. I’m a theatre creator, stage manager, dramaturge, disability consultant and scholar. I am the stage manager for 12.

Q: What other theatre projects have you been a part of?

I’ve worked on several projects with Kristina over the years such as the 100-Watt Earth Stage with the Ottawa Children’s Festival and Holding Mercury.

Q: What does being in 12 mean to you?

12 means so much, a return to making theatre, and making connections. The show itself is a hopeful and important call from youth to all of us to examine where we are right now. It asks us to reconsider our actions for climate change so that we can all enjoy the wonder this earth can offer for generations to come. This project invigorates me and gives me hope. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the natural world, Drea?

That would be water. It is so fascinating the cycle it goes through. It is transformative. It isn’t afraid of changing states, it brings things along the way that it picks up, it is soft and soothing. It is hard and dangerous as it changes landscapes too. It is sustaining us, but is also moving us. It is so precious as a resource and can be a dangerous element as well.

Q: What is one of your specific Climate Change worries?
My worry for climate change is that we’re not listening and acting on the calls from scientists’ and youth’s plea. That as much as we can do individually, it can’t outweigh the mega corporations packaging and pollution. I worry that we will not get them on board with us. 

Q: What’s a question you would like to ask someone about Climate Change?

My question would be to governments: what will it take to stand up to the corporations and demand they work with us instead of against us? You are supposed to work for the people, not the corporations. 

Q: Do you have a favourite hobby?
My favourite hobby is baking; it is fun to create something that you can share. I love learning and trying new recipes. 

Q: What’s your favourite word?


Banner Image: Drea’s Call-Board

[Image Description: a brown board sits on an easel with documents such as Production Calendar, and a Healthy Workspace; a pencil hangs in front. In the background, actors rehearse in a black studio]

Photo Catherine Robson