a chat with Natasha

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Natasha. I play Character #10 and Sofia Oliveira. I’m in 10th grade and I live in Ottawa. I’ve played Pepper in Annie, Kassim in Aladdin and Uncle Henry in the Wizard of Oz.

Q: What does being in 12 mean to you?

I’m happy to be in 12. I feel like I can express myself about my worries and hopes with climate change.

Q: What’s your favourite part of the natural world?

Trees. They provide for many animals and people and we should return the favour.

Q: What’s one of your specific Climate Change worries?

I worry about the increase in natural disasters

Q: What’s a question you’d like to ask anyone about Climate Change?

Do you worry about climate change? Have you taken any action?

Q: When the audience leaves 12, you hope they will …

Reflect on what they watch and on themselves

Q: What’s your favourite word?


[Image Description: a youth with long dark brown hair and wearing a grey t-shirt with pink flowers. She stands, smiling, leaning on a tree]

Photo: Brigitte Pellerin