A Chat with Rhea

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Rhea Sawan and I’m the Assistant Stage Manager and Child-Minder of 12. I’ve been living in Ottawa for about a year and a half now.

Q: What does being in 12 mean to you? 

This show directly caught my eye when I first heard about it, but now that I’m working on it, 12 became more than a show: it became a safe place with familiar faces, a united voice that wants to be heard and, most importantly, a hope for the future. I see hope when I enter the rehearsal room.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the natural world?

The stars – how they hold inside them the past, present and future. They’re proof that the universe is so huge and even after billions of years there are still parts that are unknown to us. I think they bring out the best in humans when it comes to creativity: creativity means that everything is possible.

Q: What’s one of your specific Climate Change concerns?

That nature slowly dies and leaves no colors behind.

Q: What’s something you’d like to ask anyone about Climate Change? 

What is stopping you from taking action today concerning Climate Change? The fear of failure? Or the fear of success?

Q: When the audience leaves 12, you hope they will–

I hope they will feel. Feel different.

Q: What’s your favorite word?