a chat with Sebastien

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Sebastien and I play Character #2 and Jayden Anthony. I’m in 11th grade at Ecole Secondaire Mont-Bleu and I live in Gatineau. I’m on a TV show named Famille Magique in Quebec. I was in A Christmas Carol at the NAC.

Q: What does being in 12 mean to you?

It means learning. There isn’t an easier way to learn about the climate crisis than being a part of a play with a fully formed script about it. We learn about stats, activists, other plays about the subject and of course we learn about theatre.

Q: What’s your favourite part of the natural world?

Anything to do with water. I love it because of the myths and legends surrounding it. I love reading about old sailor superstitions.

Q: What’s one of your specific Climate Change concerns?

The effect of loss of wildlife on people. They say that cases of suicide and depression spike up during winter because of the lack of sunlight and the desolate landscape. If we keep ruining beautiful things, we’ll be left with an ugly world. Ugliness affects our morale.

Q: What’s a question you’d like to ask anyone about Climate Change?

If we all try our best, do you think we can get out of this thing?

Q: What’s your favorite word?

Ostrogoths. It’s an old Flemish word meaning someone who lacks culture and refinement, but I just like the way it sounds.


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