12’s Creative Team

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Creator/Writer/Director: Kristina Watt Villegas of 100 Watt Productions

2022-23 Performers & Collaborators: 12 youth ages 15 – 18

Sofia Henson Preibisch as #1
Sebastien Cimpaye as #2
Olivia S. Smith as #3
Ethan Whidden as #4
Anna Wiebe as #5
Marisol Cavas as 100 Watt Youth Ensemble actor and co-creator
Sophie Dean as #7
Ana Clara Bouffard Lima as #8
Jax Young as #9
Natasha Knight as #10
Brianna Lortie Chartrand as #11
Taiya Peckham as #6 and Swing Understudy

Production Artists: 2022-23

Stage Manager: Rachel Van Lanen

Rehearsal Stage Manager, Production Assistant and Disability Consultant: Drea

Assistant Stage Manager: Rhea Sawan

Lighting Design: Kyle Ahluwalia

Sound Design: Al Connors

Sound Concept: Kristina Watt Villegas

Set & Costume Design: Kristina Watt Villegas, Olivia Smith (with Jax Young and Sofia Henson Preibisch)

Videographer/Photographer: Brigitte Pellerin, Catherine Robson

ASL Interpretation Artists: Carmelle Cachero and Jo-Anne Bryan

Youth Music Composer: 142_Azure

Footsteps through 12 Art Exhibit Curation and Exhibit Designer: Stella Fisher

Enormous thanks to the organization that allowed an ensemble of youth to begin growing in 2018: Ottawa Children’s Theatre

[Image Descriptions (clockwise direction): 1. In rehearsal, 8 actors sit on the floor of a studio. A woman stands in front of a white table and gives them direction. 2. Seven actors stand in a circle with their backs to each other in a scene from 12. They look out.3. Five youth in colorful clothing stand in a row in a scene from 12 and look out. They speak. 4. The cast of 12 actors stands and poses for a photo smiling. 5. Two actors speak with passion, their mouths open. One wears a red hat.]

[Banner Image Description: young people standing and sitting, posing for a photo. They wear casual clothing]

Photos: Brigitte Pellerin and Catherine Robson