Footsteps through 12

Travel through the art of youth in response to climate change, and follow the steps of 12 since 2018. Below are what is displayed in the art exhibit at GCTC. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page!

Curation and Exhibit Designer: Stella Fisher (Elmwood School, grade 12)

Faces of 12

Sketches by Sophie Dean 2021-2023

Art by Stella Fisher

brick wall with graffit
[Image Description: A faux grey wall has green graffiti text “12 letters in Irreversible”. In white marker, the youth from the 100 Watt Ensemble have autographed their names. Paper flowers weave and grow on the wall. ]

A slideshow of photos
by Brigitte Pellerin and Catherine Robson
2018 – 2021

Jen Robson’s Sketches (2021)

Art Work from the 100 watt Ensemble

Ice Cube Experiment: Discoveries of a young Glaciologist (2023)

Sofia Henson Preibisch

Goal: bring the bigger situation closer.

Method: go to the freezer, get an ice cube from freezer, put ice cube in clear glass, start stopwatch, watch it melt, take notes, experience the moment, and measure quantity of liquid/time it takes to melt. Compare. Summarize observations.

CAST Cards

Sophie Dean (2021)

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