All photos by Photographer Brigitte Pellerin unless where indicated the Photographer is Catherine Robson

Image Descriptions for both photos and sketches are below.

All sketches are created by youth: Project Sketch Artist, Jennifer Robson, and cast members Sophie Dean and Natasha Knight

  1. IMAGE DESCRIPPTIONS OF PHOTOS 1.Three youth lie on a black stage floor; 2. Black & white image of eight youth standing in a circle looking up and out; 3. A row of youth sit beside each other looking out; 4. Four youth sit up, trying to stand; 5. A young actor, Quinn, sits and thinks. He wears a grey hoodie. 6. A row of youth line up and read off of a small piece of white paper; 7. Two youth sit on the theatre floor with their scripts. There are chairs behind them; 8. A girl with long brown hair sits, reads her script; 9. A youth in a burgundy hat stands and speaks, mouth open; 10. A group of youth stand in a circle, facing out; 11. Five actors stand in a line wearing bright casual clothing; 12. In a studio theatre room, actors sit on the floor and a director stands in front of a white table; 13. A line of youth stand and speak, holding scripts; 14. A Stage Manager holds her camera, filming a room of actors; 15. A youth stands with his arm in the air, wearing a checked shirt and glasses; 16. Five actors stand in a line, masked; 17. Seven actors face a black curtained wall, and one actor stand away from them and faces out; 18. A woman with dark brown hair and a beige jacket smiles; 19. Actors stand with their scripts in a rehearsal studio as the director guides them, arms in the air; 20. Production team of 4 people sit at two long white tables with various objects and books, as one actor in the forefront looks at them; 21. Two youth sit on chairs at a tall table and talk, masked; 22. A youth wearing a black t-shirt and checkered pants sits at a table, touches her dark hair; 23. A black & white image of a row of youth who either look down or look out; 24. A group of people stand outside a theatre building with a marquee that says GCTC, they pose for a group picture. 25. A young photographer in a turquoise hoodie and boots stands and takes photos; 26. A black camera with a square screen that shows the image of a photographer taking photos; 27. A girl with dark pants and a white t-shirt confronts a group of youth who stand watching, wearing masks; 28. Actors in a black studio wearing masks, some in a clump and one close to the camera who is confronting them in a scene; the director and SM watch from behind long white tables; 29. A woman, Kristina, has a hand and arm extended; she wears a black cap, mask and peach sweater; 30. A man, the sound designer, sits at a table, wears a black t-shirt and black mask, and has his glasses on his head; 31. Four actors stand looking out, wearing different colored tops; 32. Nine actors stand in a line, one with a script and the others looking ahead; they wear casual and colored tops, and masks.
  2. IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS OF SKETCHES/VISUAL ART 1. A color sketch of a person standing with their backs to the viewer, flames surround them. A sign above says “Fire Safety”; 2. A group of people stand together looking up, there are eyes in the sky above them; blue color; 3. A line sketch of a sofa with two groups of heads below it with thought bubbles & reactions; 4. A line sketch of a head and neck of a person who blows a whistle, distended cheeks; 5. An orange figure sits on a black chair; they have claw feet and blue eyes; 6. Between two black horizontal bands are boxes of cartoon faces, masked, and objects; 7. A sketch drawing of two youth side by side. One, Ana Clara has long hair and looks out; Raluca has curly hair and has her back to us; 8. A sketch of two girls, side by side and smiling: Anna with long hair and Raluca with curly hair. 9-17. Individual sketches of the heads & faces of 9 of the actors in the cast, all sketched with pencil. The images have a blue hue. In the sketches, all the actors wear masks and their eyes are drawn very prominently.