This Project

12 is an inter-generational love story towards the planet we share and between each of us.

12 is a playful theatrical invitation by youth to all ages to stop, listen, and consider what it means to take action at this point.

12 is theatre for audiences of all ages but –by necessity– co-created and performed by youth.

The script is built from conversations with 11 teens, interviews they had with citizens of Ottawa (all ages), text from COP24 in Poland, and words by global youth activists such as Boyan Slat, Autum Peltier, Greta Thunberg, Xuihtezcat Martinez and the Australian high school students who were told by their Prime Minister to be “less activist.”

​UPCOMING! May 2023 at the Great Canadian Theatre Company, in Ottawa.

Previous Live Performances: November 2021 at the Ottawa Children’s Festival in Ottawa, to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Creation & Direction: Kristina Watt Villegas / 100 Watt Productions

​In collaboration with:

Current: Sebastien Cimpaye, Sophie Dean, Anna Wiebe, Olivia Smith, Ethan Whidden, Natasha Knight, Jax Young, Sofia Preibish-Henson, Ana Clara Bouffard Lima, Taiya Peckham, Brianna Lortie-Chartrand, Marisol (Milo) Cavas

2018-2022: Raluca Voina, Quinn Lesaux, Ines Leokadia Fenton, Savva Boguslavskiy, Anna Carsley-Jones, Jaya Matiation, Kaatje Yates

Please click on Creative Team for more about the 12 cast & production artists.

Cast of 12 and Director Kristina Watt Photo: Brigitte Pellerin
[Image Description: 12 people stand outside smiling, among spruce trees]

​Photographer and Videographer: Brigitte Pellerin | check out her website here.

2021 Youth Photographer: Catherine Robson

2021 Youth Sketch Artist: Jennifer Robson

2021 Stage Manager: Drea

2021 Assistant Stage Design and Media: Angelica Haggert

Sound Concept: Kristina Watt Villegas

2021 Sound Design: Jon Carter

Set Design: Kristina Watt Villegas

12 black stools with holes in their surface and 4 legs sit in a row along a black curtain. The room is also black. The floor has coloured tape marks on its surface
12 Stools (Image Catherine Robson) [Image Description: 12 black stools with holes in their surface and 4 legs sit in a row along a black curtain]

Enormous thanks to the Great Canadian Theatre Company for allowing us to rehearse, explore & build in their theatre studio in 2021.

12 began its development with Kristina leading a group of youth, within a collaboration between 100 Watt Productions & Ottawa Children’s Theatre in 2018.

[Banner Image Description: two youth stand side by side. One wears a burgundy cap and her mouth is open as she calls out. The other youth wears a turquoise top and has long hair]