What’s Happening

Here are some projects, articles, podcasts and other resources that affect and inspire the 12 team. We will keep updating this, and if you have something you’d like to share with us, please send Kristina an email: kristina100Watt@gmail.com

Resources for the Head & heart

  • It’s essential to keep up hope & courage. How do we balance the fears, anxieties and not let it lead to despair…and giving up? Click here for the article: Why hope and optimism are crucial –from New Scientist

  • CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS: A Global Project of determination & hope. A colleague of Kristina’s, Simon Sharkey of Scotland and Erica May Wood, a teaching artist in Canada, have created what they call “A global community engaged art project in response to Covid-19 and the climate crisis”. Click on the link for more: https://conferenceofthebirds.net/ and click here for a quick video to offer you more, hosted by Simon and Erica: https://youtu.be/JRwjioCFUzs

  • Eric Booth, Founder of the International Teaching Artist Collaborative is an inspiration to Kristina since she met him at Lincoln Centre a few years back. I share Eric’s words here and then the link to his article.

“As COP26 is about to begin in Glasgow, I am joining the 24 Hours of Reality campaign to raise awareness and actions that urge global representatives toward bold commitments. I am doing what activists do—writing letters, urging on friends, colleagues, and elected representatives.  Please join me.  I learned the science; we bring the arts; and the arts can do better. I have written an essay that I ask you to read (click here for article): http://ericbooth.net/cop-to-the-truth-of-the-arts-and-climate)

It comes from my months of studying the arts-for-climate field, and the position of teaching artistry within it.  I think teaching artistry holds an important place, full of potential.”

  • How about this? This website helps you imagine what extreme climate change will do to your homeCNN

On ThisClimateDoesNotExist.com you can look up any address — your house, landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Times Square in New York or San Francisco’s “Painted Ladies” homes — and get a surprisingly realistic sense of what it could look like if that place was struck by flood, wildfires or smog. The website, which does this by using AI trained on images of such scenes to re-imagine pictures from Google Street View, was created by researchers at Mila, an AI research

Click on this to try it: https://thisclimatedoesnotexist.com/home

  • Here’s a podcast we love, as it blends the science, the reality and yet the hope to persevere (click here): OUTRAGE AND OPTIMISM

  • The climate disaster is here — The Guardian. The enormous, unprecedented pain and turmoil caused by the climate crisis is often discussed alongside what can seem like surprisingly small temperature increases – 1.5C or 2C hotter than it was in the era just before the car replaced the horse and cart. Click below for the full article: